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会社概要 History

Matsuda Consultants International Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Sei-ichi Matsuda in 1975 to aim at providing services for projects by Japanese ODA (Official Development Aid). Afterward MCI has expanded its field of work and staff and now works on several overseas and domestic projects with quality technical services.

業務内容 Services

- Design of buildings and supervision of construction works
- Technical survey and feasibility study concerning the above services

登録 Official Registration
株式会社マツダコンサルタンツMatsuda Consultants International Co.,Ltd.
一級建築士事務所 東京都知事登録第21194号(管理建築士大澤智弘)
Registrated architect office (No. 21194 by Governor of Tokyo)
所在地 Postal Address
Active Yoyogi bldg., 43-3 Yoyogi 3-Chome, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
tel: 03-5334-5681
fax: 03-5334-0777
創立 Foundation Year
13 December, 1975
資本金 Capital
30 million Yen
役員 Board Member
代表取締役 大澤 智弘 President: Tomohiro Osawa
取締役副社長 菊池俊彦 Vice-president Toshihiko Kikuchi
取締役部長(監理部) 徳永俊一 Director of QC: Shun-ichi Tokunaga
取締役部長(総務部) 竹田早苗 Director of general affairs: Sanae Takeda
取締役部長(設計部) 川添健治 Director of design: Kenji Kawazoe
取締役部長(設計部) 島田光博 Director of design: Mitsuhiro Shimada
スタッフ数 Number of Staff
20 staff including the above board members
10 certificate 1st class architects, One quantity surveyor, One certificate 1st class engineer and others.